Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dota2 Key Generator v.2.0.5 updated

Want to play Dota2  but have no Dota 2 beta keys or Dota 2 invites? Need not to worry as Dota 2 Beta Key generator is here. Download the Dota 2 Beta Keys Generator! Dota 2 Beta Keys Generator lets you generate an availableDota 2 Beta Keys to use. You can use your generated Dota 2 Beta Key in activation your Dota 2 in Steam Game Library.
Dota 2 Beta Key Generator lets you play Dota 2 and get Dota 2 Beta Keysto  give your friends. In order to use it, you must have a Steam game account, and downloaded and installed the Steam client. Use the Dota 2 Beta Keygenerated by the tool in order to activate Dota 2 on Steam. Note that you need to have an internet connection to use the Dota 2 Beta Key Generator

Dota 2 Beta Keys Features:

Generate Dota 2 Beta Keys with just a mouse click
Dota 2 Beta Keys generated are region unlocked, meaning you can play on all Dota 2 regions, including US East, US West, SEA, Europe

Steps to use Dota 2 Beta Key Generator:

1. Open the Dota 2 Beta Key Generator
2. Click on the Generate button
3. Copy and paste, the generated Dota 2 beta key on a clipboard
4. Open Steam game client
5. Select Games > Activate a Product on Steam
6. Paste the Dota 2 Beta Key in the product code activation

Steps to Download Dota 2 Beta Keys Generator

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